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Random thought

2016-11-07 22:11:34 by Stardust-Nation

Maybe it would be cool if someone were to remix Dignity by DuoCore? I dunno. I might even do it. One day. Perhaps.

Happy Halloween

2016-10-30 21:36:21 by Stardust-Nation

Happy Halloween, Newgrounds! I hope you all have some spooky good fun this year. A couple of days ago I released a dubstep song pieced together from various other songs on Newgrounds, and if you want to look at that, that'd be kewl. Thanks!

Place your bets!

2016-09-04 21:23:17 by Stardust-Nation

Those pig races are coming up soon ;)

Place your bets, everyone!



It's gonna be my best song so far.