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Entry #3

Random thought

2016-11-07 22:11:34 by Stardust-Nation

Maybe it would be cool if someone were to remix Dignity by DuoCore? I dunno. I might even do it. One day. Perhaps.


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2016-11-23 00:55:32

What about DuoCore - The Furious? :)

Stardust-Nation responds:

Furious is too cool to be improved. Dignity has a sweg drop but a crappy melody.


2016-11-29 01:24:29

That's true... I haven't really listened to Dignity for a while. I always decide on The Furious.


2016-11-29 01:34:26

And Xtrullor (My favourite Newgrounds audio artist) is part of DuoCore. :)


2017-02-11 15:00:31

Maybe it would be!